5 Best viewpoints in Phuket, Thailand.

One day we decided to make a motorbike trip around the tropical coast and discover the best viewpoints in Phuket. One of the reasons we love exploring by motorbike is the freedom to come and go as we please. Every time we’ve been in new place, we’ve made some incredible finds absolutely at random as we drove along the roads.

On Phuket, you can get all size bikes but scooters are the most convenient to explore the island. If you hire it for more than one day, the price should be more or less 200 bath/day. Being a well-built man, it is worth choosing a large scooter to avoid leg contracture and other unpleasant ailments that the average Thai will not understand. Thais travel in various configurations on small scooters, which usually act as family vehicles. What amazed me most was the view of a woman with four children on one scooter. The smallest between the legs and the rest mounted at the back.

1. The Big Buddha

We left Chalong just after breakfast. Our first goal was The Big Buddha, just 3 km from our apartment in Chalong. A 45 meters tall Buddha statue was built on a hill, to which leads a rather winding and steep road. Our 150 cc scooters handle the uphill without problems. On the top, there is a panoramic view of the part of the island in the surrounding of tinkling bells and flags. Here and there appear monkeys carelessly jumping on stone walls. We stroll around The Big Buddha, take commemorative photos and go on our way to the south of the island towards the next best viewpoints in Phuket.

2. Promthep Cape

We arrive at the place, park scooters and go up the stairs together with the Chinese trip, which unfortunately has just arrived. Promthep Cape is a perfect place to catch the scenic Andaman Sea sunset. Some say it is one of the most photographed places on the island. The view is truly breathtaking – turquoise water, cruise boats slowly moving along the waves and the green of the nearby island make us stay here a little longer. Additionally, you can see Cape Promthep lighthouse, hat houses interesting ancient maritime artifacts.

3. Windmill Viewpoint

Another short stop this time is the Windmill Viewpoint, from which you have a wonderful view of the amazing Nai Harn Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. Windmill viewpoint owes its name to several tall, slim white windmills facing out to sea. Apparently, sunsets are as beautiful as for Promthep Cape, but the number of tourists is much smaller here and you do not have to push your elbows to take a nice photo. After a few moments, we get on our red Honda PCX and head towards Kata View Point.


4. Kata View Point

Kata View Point greets us with another Chinese trip. Additionally, there is a man in the parking lot with some predatory bird on his hand, with which you can take a picture for a few baths. I always avoid such pseudo-attractions. Birds should be free and not pose for photos with clipped wings. Returning to Kata View Point … From here there is a picturesque view of Kata Noi, Kata Yai, and Karon beaches. The water is azure and the view of the coast is impressing. The beaches look very inviting, especially since the sun has become unbearable. We decide to go in the direction of Kata Noi Beach and cool a bit in the waters of the azure sea.

5. Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach is one of the most beautiful and most popular beaches in Phuket. In the rainy season, there are no tourist crowds, and the waves are quite high. Warnings about a strong current cool our hopes of swimming among the waves. We have fun at the shore in the waves. Anyway, such rest turned out to be a great idea. In the end, the next best viewpoints in Phuket will not escape.

6. Monkey Hill Viewpoint

Our last goal to complete list of best viewpoints in Phuket, is Monkey Hill, officially known as Khao To Sae. It is the mountain with the TV transmitting antennas sitting on the hill dominating the landscape of Phuket Town. The main attraction there are packs of monkeys fed by locals and tourists. Entering the asphalt road, we see a pack, but wild dogs carefree sunbathing on the street and completely unconcerned with street traffic. We enter higher and we lay our eyes on an outdoor gym entirely taken over by monkeys and among them excited tourists with cameras. We stop for a moment to join the bunch of excited tourists. Monkeys are cute, there are really a lot of them, and among them many monkey babies. We go higher up to Monkey Hill Viewpoint. Along the way, we pass more and more monkeys, and at the very top, we admire the scenic view of Phuket Town.

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