7 Epic Motorcycle Rides in Southeast Asia

Exploring the world by motorbike is becoming more common, as it is an inexpensive way to travel. While there are numerous areas that are fabulous for riding, nothing compares to the routes that are available in Southeast Asia. This region is phenomenal for anyone who is beginning their own bucket list of motorcycle rides.Here are a few fabulous ideas of bucket list motorcycle rides in Southeast Asia:

1. The Loop in Central Laos

The Loop in Central Laos begins in Tha Khaek and after riding for four hundred and fifty kilometers, everyone will find themselves back at the starting point. The best time to take a ride around The Loop is the months of November through March, as that is when the temperatures are cooler. However, the months of April and May are good as well even though the temperatures are much hotter.

Some people can do this ride in only two days, but by doing that they are not fully appreciating the true beauty of the region. The scenery is absolutely stunning, so most people like to stop to embrace the sights that they are seeing. Plus, the roads can be a little difficult to travel on in some areas and everyone will find themselves taking more time dealing with problems in those places than enjoying themselves.
buddha statue in laos
There are numerous places to stop along The Loop, especially caves, and everyone will quickly find their favorite one. Tham Xang is a cave that has a rock formation that looks similar to an elephant, while Tham Pha Pa has Buddha images inside. Tham Xieng Liap is a difficult cave to find, but once a person discovers it they will never want to leave. This cave is two hundred meters in length and it is possible for people to wade through it to go swimming in the valley that can be found on the other side. Tham Sa Pha In is a spectacular cave that has a lake inside towards the right. There is a skylight above the lake that makes the water shimmer from the sun.

As people are traveling around The Loop, they will need to find a place to stay at night. There are many guesthouses available, but if someone needs a room for a night and no guesthouses are available, they may be able to stay with a local. Guesthouses can be found in the town of Mahaxay, Nakai, Tha Long, Lak Sao, and Nahin.

2. Harau Valley in Indonesia

The main streets of Indonesia offer a heart-stopping experience to anyone that is attempting to drive a motorcycle. However, once a person turns off into the Harau Valley, they will find themselves relaxing as they ride past farms and charming villages.

Harau Valley located in Sumatra Island should be on everyone’s bucket list of motorcycle rides in Southeast Asia due to the breathtaking landscape of the countryside. There is only one guesthouse in the area and it can be tricky to find, but the locals are quite helpful in pointing people in the right direction.
harau valley in indonesia
There are many back roads that lead through the valley and people will want to explore them all as they will not want to miss any fabulous sights. While traveling through the area, people will spot monkeys amongst the trees and lizards blocking part of the road.

3. Route from Thailand to Himalaya

This route can be challenging to say the least as there are a few narrow roads on the mountains and some places where there are no roads at all. It can easily take everyone two weeks to tackle this bucket list motorcycle ride, but the views and the experience will be totally worth the time.
kashmir valley in india
The Kashmir Valley will give everyone the chance to test their endurance as they ride, but the magnificent views of both the Tsomoriri and Tso-Khar lakes are amazing. The natural beauty within the Indus Valley is worthy of multiple photos, especially the massive mountains covered in snow at the peaks.
view on snowed peaks in kashmir

4. Route from Thailand to Laos

A week and a half is necessary to complete the route from Thailand to Laos and it is a must-do for everyone’s bucket list of motorcycle rides. There are a few rougher roads that are narrow and steep, but the remaining roads are easier for those who are used to riding through mountainous terrain.

While the major cities in both these places are huge tourist draws, the valleys and mountains are much quieter with fewer people. One of the best places to stop on this route is in Luang Prabang with its limestone and traditions. Riders should also consider stopping at places like Phu Ta Boek National Park, Mount Phousi, and Kha Kho. This last one is the little Switzerland of Thailand and the cultures and traditions there are fabulous.
luang prabang in laos

5. Pulau Ternate in Indonesia

This route is much shorter, and it only takes approximately an hour to ride around the entire loop. However, the sight of the old volcano will be mesmerizing to anyone who goes there. Along the way, everyone will want to stop to see the area that is filled with lava that is two hundred years old as well as the ancient fortresses. The volcanic lakes are the homes of many crocodiles, so people should be cautious as they scope them out.

6. Sapa in Vietnam

The roads in Sapa are only one lane wide and while some of them can be dangerous from crumbling and falling apart, others are dangerous due to potential landslides. Along the way, people will see farmers taking care of their fields or performing other necessary chores. There are numerous waterfalls near the side of the roads, but many of them are not worth too long of a stop. Everyone will want to stop at the local chestnut roasters though, and no one will be able to miss them as the scent seems to travel for miles.

Final Thoughts

All these routes are perfect for all bucket list motorcycle rides in Southeast Asia, but there are many others that people will want to travel along as well. The entire region is waiting to be explored and a motorcycle is the best way to appreciate it all.

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