How Much Money Do You Need for a Motorcycle Trip in Vietnam?

An adventure in Vietnam is something that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime and there is no better way to explore this country than on the back of a motorcycle. Anyone that travels through Vietnam by motorcycle will find that they can spend as little or as much money as they wish. While some people will not mind spending money to stay at fancy hotels and eat at fine dining restaurants, most people will want to spend their money wisely.

1. Motorcycle Costs

  • Rental: 10 US$ a day
  • Purchase: 200 US$

One of the obvious expenses that people will have during their motorcycle adventure in Vietnam is the rental of their motorbike. It normally costs approximately ten dollars a day to rent a standard or semi-automatic motorbike. Of course, motorbikes that are more powerful will cost more, but people might not need all that power. Everyone should rent their motorbikes through reputable companies to avoid any problems from occurring and to ensure that they are in good working order.

Anyone that doesn’t want to go through the entire rental process can purchase their own motorbike at the cost of two hundred dollars or more. There is one problem with buying a motorbike though and that is the owner will be responsible for any maintenance and needed repairs. Those fees will add to the cost of the motorbike and can cause a person to spend more money than they should. That is why it is normally recommended that people rent their motorbikes unless they are planning on spending more than a month riding around the country.

Cost of Fuel

Fuel is not that expensive in Vietnam and motorcycles get excellent fuel mileage. People can fill their tanks for less than five dollars and most tanks will last for a full day of travel. Of course, the distance is dependent on the terrain of the roads and the condition of the actual motorbike.

Remember about Helmet!

Whether a person rents or purchases their motorbike, they will need a helmet. Some rental places give out helmets, but they are not always quality ones. Therefore, everyone will want to consider purchasing an excellent helmet for their travels.

2. Cost of Accommodation

  • Hotel:
    • Cheap hotel US$ 9–16 a night
    • Comfortable double room: US$ 25–50
    • Luxury hotel room: from US$ 80
  • Guesthouse or Hostel: 5-20 US$ a night
  • Homestay: couple of dollars

As people are driving around on their adventure in Vietnam, they will need to find places to stay for the night. These accommodations are always what costs the most on a trip like this. Local guesthouses are the one of the cheapest places as are the local hostels. Rooms at both these locations will cost anywhere from five dollars to twenty dollars a night, but the higher priced rooms will fit more people.

A homestay does cost less than a guesthouse or hostel, but a couple of dollars only gets a person a mattress on the floor under mosquito netting. Hotels are the most expensive choice for accommodations, but they can be necessary after a rough portion of a route. The cost may be negligible when a hot shower and super comfortable bed is needed.

Camping is a great way to sleep at night without needing to pay anything, but a person would need to carry their gear with them as they are riding their motorcycle. Everyone will want to be cautious of where they are pitching their tent, but the entire experience can be lifechanging.

Food and Drink

    • Simple noodle dish: US$1.50–2.50
    • Meal in a restaurant: from US$5
    • Gourmet dinner: from US$20

The cost of the food and drink that a person has during their time on the road can add up quickly if they are not careful. As mentioned above, local foods will cost the least. Breakfast or lunch will cost a person around two dollars, while dinner can cost upwards of eight dollars if it includes a few beers. The seafood that is served along the shoreline is amazing, but it will add to the cost of the meal. Anyone that decides that they need to satisfy a craving for Western foods will want to be prepared to pay at least double the local food prices for their meal.

Miscellaneous Costs

Entrance Tickets

There are many miscellaneous costs that people on a motorcycle adventure in Vietnam will want to prepare for. These costs can include entrance tickets to museums, sites, and attractions. Everyone will want to have this extra money with them, so that they do not miss out on some of the more intriguing places in the country.

Motorbike Repairs

Another extra that people will want to be prepared for are minor motorbike repairs. These repairs normally include flat tires, but they can be for any type of maintenance issue. People will also want to have a little extra money to purchase little snacks for the road as well as bottles of water.


There are some luxuries that everyone will want to consider having money for as well because a person can find themselves needing to stay in a hotel or wanting something other than rice for dinner during their trip.

Tips on How to Save Money

Plan in Advance

All the above costs are quite reasonable, but again, it is easy for everyone to stay within their budget while taking a motorcycle adventure in Vietnam. Some people may need to do a little extra planning to keep to their budget, while others will have a little more room for the extras.

Stay at Local Guesthouses

One of the best ways to save some money while on an adventure in Vietnam is to stay at local guesthouses. These guesthouses can be found everywhere and if one is not available in an area that a person is visiting, they may be able to find a room with one of the locals. Another great way people can save money is to eat only local foods. This type of food is much cheaper than all the other available foods and it always tastes better too.

Travel Further Every Day

Anyone who wants to save money will want to consider traveling further every day, so that they can see as much as possible without as many stops. This will save them some money with fewer overnight stays, but they will not be able to appreciate the beauty of the country quite as much.

Everyone will enjoy their adventure in Vietnam as they soar along the roads on their motorcycle and as long as they are prepared, they will only spend the money that they set aside for their trip.

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