Cat Ba Island Cat Ba, Vietnam

Cat Ba 180000, Cat Ba Island Cat Ba 180000 , Cat Ba

It is said that the one who did not see Cat Ba with his own eyes never really knew a true Vietnam - apparently, there is nothing more beautiful than the view of the sun slowly hiding behind the horizon.

What to do on Cat Ba Island

After reaching the island, you will have the impression of the completely different world – that resembles one from fairy tales and legends. The landscape is filled with phenomenal views of dense green forests on land and mangroves growing on coastal shallows. On the island, every few meters you can see impressive rocks, and every few kilometers you can spot lonely, small wooden houses. Almost the entire Cat Ba Island is a protected National Park, which is why Cat Ba itself is very well cared for and offers amazing views of the wild and untouched nature. You can find here a lot of lakes, spectacular waterfalls and picturesque caves carved in the limestone mountains. Among the lush forests of the National Park, there are many trekking routes leading through slightly hilly areas, so it can be a challenge for ambitious travelers. To visit Cat Ba, it is best to rent a scooter. This form of movement gives you the most opportunities - you can stop at any place and admire selected fragments of nature.

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