Hang Son Doong Cave Quảng Bình, Vietnam

Xuân Trạch Bố Trạch, Quảng Bình

Underground World

A thick jungle, a river, powerful stalagmites and stalactites - all covered with a quilt of clouds and full of limestone rocks. It is an unreal connection of the raw underground world with the lush juicy vegetation we know of only movies and computer games. This is how one could briefly describe the interior of the cave. Being in Hang Son Doong, you have the impression of being on another planet. Such a unique scenery makes a trip to a cave an adventure of life.

UNESCO Heritage

The cave is located in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. Located in the central part of Vietnam, near the border with Laos, Hang Son Doong cave is considered the largest of the so far discovered in the world. It is so huge that it would hold even a 40-storey skyscraper! The cave has a length of about nine kilometers, of which the largest of its chambers occupies half of this length. It is also 150 meters wide and up to 200 meters high. Impressive sizes are not everything. The bottom of the cave has an underground river, and in some places, where the top has collapsed a jungle has entered. The underground world has its own unique ecosystem - tropical vegetation, lakes, beaches and rivers. The complex is so large that it has its own microclimate.

How to Explore the Hang Son Doong Cave

It is hard to believe that this ancient miracle of nature has been known to mankind for only a few years. The entrance to the cave was discovered in 1991 by a Ho-Khanh living nearby, but professional exploration was done by a team of British cavers only in 2009. Previously, the locals were afraid to enter there because of strange sounds coming from inside. It's not easy to get to the cave - you have to spend about a day and a half and use climbing equipment. A limited number of people can enter the cave annually. A prerequisite for participation in the expedition is a good physical condition. This is because the trip lasts for a few days and involves over 50 km of trekking! Its cost is $ 3,000 with groups consisting of a maximum of 10 people over the age of 18. Excursions to the cave are organized from February to August.

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