Koh Chang Island Koh Chang, Thailand

Ko Chang Island , Koh Chang

Tropical, the second largest after Phuket island in the Gulf of Thailand. It is mountainous in the central part, covered with rain forest, with numerous streams and waterfalls. On a number of spectacular beaches there are many hotels and resorts with bungalows for rent. Most of them are targeted at wealthy tourists, but there are also many budgets. Some beaches are very entertaining with daily events, but you can easily find a quieter place. The water is clear, turquoise, with plenty of colorful fish and coral reefs, perfect for snorkeling and diving, allowing numerous diving centers to operate. Koh Chang along with about forty other smaller islands is located in Mu Koh Chang National Marine Park.

What to do in Koh Chang


Koh Chang is an oasis of peace and a paradise for travelers seeking an escape from loud Bangkok. One of the biggest attractions is snorkeling. You can buy an organized trip for around 500 baths and see the most interesting places around the island.


You can take a diving course and swim in the water world like Kevin Costner with turtles, seahorses, fish between corals and a destroyer ship that sank during World War II.


For about 200 bath you can rent a motorbike and explore the island on two wheels. The island is quite big and there are beautiful places to see, as Koh Chang Waterfalls, or one of many beaches (Pearl Beach, White Sand Beach).

How to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok

Koh Chang is located 349 kilometers from Bangkok. There are several possibilities to get to it.

A Simple Way

The easiest way is to order transport from your hotel. You can also order an organized trip at a tourist agency. Such transport is the most convenient option, as you don't have to worry about anything. The bus will pick you up from the hotel, take you to the marina with other travelers, and on Koh Chang a collective taxi will take you to the hotel door. The cost of a private bus is about 450 - 600 bath. In addition, you should pay for the ferry: 80 bath one way, 140 both) and for the taxi on Koh Chang.

A Backpacker's Way

If you want to go on your own, you have several options. First you have to get to the town of Trat where the ferries leave for Koh Chang. The marina, from where the ferry leaves, lies some distance from the city (about 15-20 min drive).
  • You can fly to the Trat by plane Bangkok Airways, or get there by car, minibus or bus. Flights are not the cheapest, so most travelers choose land transport.
  • Public buses leave from Ekkamai Station in Bangkok. They have the number 999 and are run by the governmental company 'Transport Co. Ltd '. They leave at 07:45 and 09:00 and stop at the marina and Trat. The price for the trip is 300 baht. Remember that buses in Thailand on long journeys always make a 15-60 minute break in the 'safe harbor', where there is a lot of food, shops and toilets. On board the state bus you get snacks and water. Journey to the marina takes 5-6 hours.
  • If you prefer to take a taxi from Bangkok to the marina in Trat, after strong negotiations the price should be 3500-4000 baht.

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