Travel Tips

Have you decided on your dream destination and are looking for travel tips?

If you have already decided on your travel destination and know where and when you are going to have your dream trip, it’s time to start getting practical information. It is worth having at least a draft of the route, especially for shorter trips, when you want to see as much as possible under a limited time. And to create the draft, you need reliable information and useful travel tips. Read, read, read. And never rely on one source of information. It’s good to learn from mistakes, but it’s best to learn from others. That is why travel tips are so useful when coming from objective people in no way related to a given place.

In our travel tips, you will learn practical information about your dream destination. What are the most common scam methods in Vietnam? What to do in case of an injury abroad? When is the rainy season in Asia? Which currency is used in Thailand? Are two hours enough time for a transfer in Bangkok? What is the best time of the year for a trip, what are the approximate costs, where to look for accommodation, or even how to get a Thai driving license? If you are planning a motorcycle trip, you will learn about roads condition, whether the route is difficult or easy, and you will find information on how to cross the borders of Southeast Asian countries.

How to make traveling easier ?

Check out our travel tips including packing, planning, transportation, motorbiking, travel scam and safety. Become an expert traveler and keep in mind that the little things can make a trip easier and less stressful. Travel cheaper, better, smarter and longer and take only good decision about which country to visit, when to stop and how much to spend.

Planning is a good thing, but remember to keep things in moderation. Did you plan the whole trip every minute? All planes, hotels, trains, and museums booked? And what if the flight is canceled, the train is late and the bus breaks down? The whole wonderful plan will crumble like a house of cards. One of the important travel tips is to reject the “more, more, more” principle. It is not possible to see the whole Asia in two weeks. Do not try to plan everything too much and always have a plan B.

Travel Tips
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