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Paradise can be found everywhere on this island and the numerous activities will allow everyone to have an experience of a lifetime there. This island is quite diverse with so many cultural, family friendly, and luxurious places to go, which makes it possible for anyone to have a phenomenal Bali trip.

There are so many fabulous places for people to see while in Bali and they can all be reached via a motorbike. This mode of transportation makes it simple for everyone to travel everywhere on their own while stopping multiple times to enjoy the beauty of the island.


A great place to start in Bali is Ubud, which is a cultural heart of the island. When a person arrives in the city, they will want to venture into the art studios and possibly take a class at the local cooking school. The architecture of the Ubud Palace is very traditional, and while everyone will love seeing it, it is not the most popular destination in the area. Most people travel to Ubud to enter the Sacred Monkey Forest to watch the macaque monkeys wander around in their natural habitat.
the street of ubud city bali


The woodworking villages of Tegalalang and Jati are to the north of Ubud and the wood carvings there are very intricate. Multiple generations live within the village and they are all involved in the entire woodworking process. There are four other villages to the East of this one that also specialize in woodcarving. Visitors will find everything from bottle openers to ceremonial wood pieces that they can purchase and take home. Each village specializes in a specific theme, so people may need to visit each village to find exactly what they are looking for.

Gunung Kawi

Another magnificent place to visit is Bali’s oldest ancient monument, Gunung Kawi. This monument can be found in Tampaksiring, which is to the Northeast of Ubud. This 11th century temple and complex can be reached by walking down steps into the valley. Once a person reaches the valley, they will see the ten large shrines made from cut rocks that were placed there to honor Balinese royalty.

Elephant Cave

Goa Gajah is a phenomenal place to visit and it has earned the nickname of Elephant Cave. There are no elephants roaming around there, but the entrance has intricate stone carvings that everyone loves to see. This destination is an easy ride from Ubud and it is perfect place for an afternoon getaway.

Tagalalang Rice Terraces

The history and culture of Bali can be found within the Tagalalang Rice Terraces, and people can learn about all of it while visiting the traditional rice paddies. As soon as a person is finished at the rice paddies, they can ride over the nearby cafes and art kiosks to do some shopping, talk to the locals, or grab a bite to eat.
tagallalang ricefields in bali

Mount Batur

No one can ride their motorcycle to the top of Mount Batur, but they can drive it to the bottom and then make the arduous hike to the peak. Everyone should be careful as they are tackling the black sand and lava that coats the trails of the mountain, but the climb is worth every second of the spectacular views. The best time to go is as the sun is rising and once a person gets back to the bottom they will want to go over to Lake Bratan and the Ulun Danu Temple.

The Water Palace of Tirta Gangga

A trip to the eastern side of the island will be necessary for those who decide to visit The Water Palace of Tirta Gangga. This is a palace as well as a village and it is quite amazing and beautiful. The palace is owned by the Karangasem royalty and is surrounded by pools, fountains, gardens, and stone statues.
water palace in bali

Temples in Bali

There are more than a hundred temples in Bali, but the most spectacular ones are the Uluwatu Temple and the Tanah Lot Temple. Both these temples are on steep cliffs and they both look out to the water. People can ride their motorbike to these temples and then spend their time relaxing as they embrace the beauty of it all.
ulun danu temple in bali indonesia

Surfing in Bali

As people are enjoying their Bali trip, they might want to do some surfing. Legian Beach is a good place for surfing, but Uluwatu, Balangan, and Bignin offer better waves.

Relaxation can be found at the beaches of Jimbaran and Nusa Dua and it is the perfect place to stop for a break while riding a motorcycle during a Bali trip. People can sit in the sand, go for a swim, or sit at a restaurant while enjoying a drink and looking out at the water. These areas are known for their seafood, so everyone will want to splurge a little for their evening meal.
surfing in kuta bali

Wildlife and jungle trekking

There are plenty of places to see wild animals when a person is on a Bali trip, but the most fascinating one is the Bali Safari and Marine Park. This is not a true safari, but people can watch the animals as they wander around in an open setting. The Elephant Safari Park is where everyone can see how elephants live in the wild. While there, people may want to go on an elephant ride, as there are not too many places in the world where this is possible.

Inside the jungle is where everyone will find the Sekumpul Waterfalls, which are considered the most stunning waterfalls on the island. While a person can ride their motorcycle to the outer part of the jungle, they will need to walk for a while inside to reach the falls.
baby monkey in the jungle bali

Final Thoughts

A Bali trip is always going to be extraordinary for people, because it offers numerous breathtaking experiences. The island may not be as large as other places in the world, but it is filled with beauty and tranquility.

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